7’x9′ Trillium model cannabis greenhouse

Cannabis Greenhouse Kit

With new laws and regulation, personal cannabis growth is moving out of basements and into backyards.  However, in today’s market, most cannabis greenhouse suppliers focus on commercial (large production) growers, leaving personal marijuana growers on their own. At Sturdi-Built, we recognize the need for a small sized, high-end marijuana/ cannabis greenhouse. We can provide a beautiful addition to your backyard, designed to meet your personal growing needs.

Healthy plants in a cannabis greenhouse

In a cannabis greenhouse, it’s all about having the best environment for growing—which translates to controlling the light and temperature. Using glass walls and twin wall polycarbonate roof glazing in our Trillium greenhouse allows for plenty of light. The greenhouse should be supplied with water and electricity. Too small? See the photos below of a Tropic 16′ greenhouse ready to grow! A 16′ greenhouse is as wide as we make.

Here is what we recommend for successful home cannabis growing:

Trillium Greenhouse, available in 7’x 7′, 7’x9′ and 7’x11’ sizes (width x length).

• Do you live in a colder climate? Consider adding a an electric or gas heater. Consider adding our thermal option, which adds a second layer of glazing to help a cannabis greenhouse stay warmer in the winter.

• Use automatic vent openers to open the roof vents when the greenhouse gets warm. Also, our base walls have built-in vents. When the roof vents open at about 70 degrees, warmer air exits through the roof and cool air flows in through the base wall vents.

Add benches. Depending on the ultimate height of your plants, you might want to leave one side with no bench to accommodate full-size plants, while the other side can have a bench for smaller plants. Or, for those with sensitive backs, a low 18” high bench to put your plants on.

• Add lighting – We recommend LED lighting that is tuned to the light spectrums for optimal growing. These lights are efficient to operate and are available with both blue spectrum lamps (for foliage growth) as well as red/orange spectrum for flowering. See page 8 in our downloadable Accessory Catalog. Add a light timer to control when the lights are on.

• A complete solution with added accessories: oscillating fan for air circulation, shade cloth to avoid plant sunburn and overheating, and a thermometer.  See these accessories and more in our Accessory Catalog. Whatever your climate, we will work with you to ensure the proper accessories and customization are included in your cannabis greenhouse to guarantee a great grow right from the start.

Large Cannabis Greenhouse for home use

Tropic Greenhouse on stone wall

Larger Greenhouse set up for growing many plants

Grow many different plants







Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing is a small, family business, built on providing customized service before, during and after the sale. It is important to us that you love your greenhouse and we work hard to make that happen. Call us to discuss your plans, 1-800-334-4115 or email (Office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, M-F PST). A beautiful Sturdi-Built redwood greenhouse will give you years of enjoyment.