Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Norma and I are having awesome times learning in your greenhouse!

Thanks so much!
Ron – Monmouth Oregon
Winter – 2015

Hi Sturdi-Built folks – Our greenhouse is finished! I stained it with Behr semi-transparent, which darkened the wood to a rich red color. The base is concrete formed to your specifications and expertly constructed by the contractor. I think building on a concrete base is the way to go.

The contractor who did the project is: Phil Milana. I recommend him for any customers of yours who are in San Diego county. He did a great job. He said your kit went together perfectly. I knew it would from my experience with the Sturdi-Built greenhouse kit that my wife and I assembled 3 decades ago. The combination of Sturdi-Built kit expertise and a good building contractor is powerful!

So chalk up a returning happy customer. Two of your greenhouses were built in one lifetime. One was bought from your dad, and one from you. It is unlikely that I will be around in another 30 years, but I will tell my son that someone will be at Sturdi-Built when he gets ready to build his own greenhouse.

Sincerely, Lionel & Linda M., Chula Vista, CA

Here is a pic of the greenhouse my wife and I dismantled and stored under an old Juniper tree for 10 years. With the original plans and instructions from you, it assembled very well.

The original stain was a funky pigmented pink. Every piece was block sanded with 100 grit and oiled with Bio-Shield sealer oil #5. We recycled everything – glass, fiberglass, screws and weather stripping. A tool and woodshed was the perfect backdrop. The 2×8 framed back wall allowed for stone held inplace with hogwire. The base walls were layed up dry in sections then made secure using slip forms on the inside and tamped concrete (penetrating the space between stones 3/4 of the way). This basalt is from adjacent fields cleared for farming. It’s wonderful stone to work with and is riddled with tiny air pockets. It’s young basalt (12-13,000 years old) that flowed through this area from the north flanks of Newberry Crater.

We live 12 miles east of Bend in the community of Alfalfa. Old recycled 1×12 redwood planks were used along with old juniper posts to form the deep planting beds. Organic vegetable production is what this greenhouse is for and it is working great. We’re having a ball! Thanks for making such a high quality product that stands the test of time.

Frank S., Alfalfa, OR.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the greenhouse!

Here’s the photo I promised!

Many thanks, Diane & Will L., Massachusetts

Your greenhouse kit is a well engineered product with quality material & workmanship and well worth the price. Everyone who visits it considers it a work of art….Overall you produce a terrific product and [I] feel fortunate to have found your company.

VP, California

Hey! I have been meaning to contact you guys since the installation of my greenhouse. IT IS AWESOME!!

Gary–thanks for doing such a great job. I enjoyed having you here and please feel free to come by anytime you are in the area. We could plan another ride. Hope all is going well for you.

Rick–you have a great product. I am the envy of my neighborhood. Thank you for your suggestions and help.

I have been busy getting the exterior landscaping done around the new guy. It’s raining today so I am slowed in my progress. I got the inside configured like I want it and am waiting until May to actually plant anything. I will send a picture of the finished deal when it’s looking good. I am happy to show it off if anyone from our area is interested and talking with you.

Thanks again you guys

LH, Oregon

Just wanted you know that it was a fabulous winter. There was more than enough sunlight this winter and things just continued growing. The heater more than kept up, despite the cold temps, and the electric bill wasn’t all that bad.

Currently, the greenhouse is full but spring has been very early this year, a plus after our very nasty winter. Soon I’ll start planting outside and just in the knick of time, because the trees are beginning to leaf out and soon there will be little light until late next fall. We only had one power failure and by the time Duke figured out how to use/install the propane heater, the power was back on. The auxiliary heater did work, however.

I am planting pansies that grew all winter and are bigger than those in the store. What a life! Thanks for making all of this possible.

KC, Iowa

Rick, I wanted to thank you, especially, for my new greenhouse. It has exceeded even my inflated expectations. This greenhouse uses ONE QUARTER as much fuel for heating as my old greenhouse. The insulating function is amazing. It is a truly beautiful greenhouse.

Building one this size would never have happened without Gary’s help. He is a wonderful person to work with, very careful, yet easy going. I really enjoyed the time we spent together.

Thanks again, Rick, for the best greenhouse by the most qualified builder.

DS, Oregon

Hello! Okay, this has been a long time coming…I guess I’m guilty of playing too long in my beautiful greenhouse… I can’t tell how thrilled I am about the finished product. It’s more than I could have ever dreamed of and I couldn’t have settled for anything less. All my friends are “green” with envy and can’t believe that I have such wonderful place of solitude to visit daily. It is my oasis where my flowers and I get to dance in perfect 70 degree weather all year round! Thank you again for constructing such a well-built and most beautiful greenhouse ever!

BF, North Carolina

Give my best to Bill and the rest of the gang who so many years ago helped me to purchase my lean-to greenhouse, have it shipped to my home so my contractor could assemble and install it. It would be hard to describe the very good function, the hours of pleasure for me, visitors and family and the memories of the kindness of the Sturdi-built staff towards someone who knew nothing about greenhouses but loved gardening.

JP, Minnesota

Hi Rick and others. I just had to email to say thanks for all your assistance in helping me realize my dreams of having a greenhouse. The greenhouse is assembled, and exceeds my expectations. It is beautiful, and it looks wonderful with my house. It fits the location perfectly, and even though my yard remains a blackberry bramble, somehow it looks better next to the greenhouse….Sunday is my orchid club meeting, and I can’t wait to show everyone pictures of the new greenhouse.

JT, Oregon

Thank you for your great product and for all your assistance when we were contemplating our purchase…It’s been a project, but very satisfying…and well worth it for both of us. The finished product is spectacular and more than I dreamed of.

JS, Kansas

We’ve enjoyed our greenhouse so much – I almost feel guilty about having this much fun. It helps being able to share the bounty with neighbors and family. Thank you for manufacturing such a wonderful product in a kit that had everything you said it would, and then
making yourself available at our beck and call. It’s a pleasure to recommend our local, Northwest, family run, Sturdi-built. Thank you again.

Thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of how we nestled one of your smaller greenhouses between the back of our house and an existing sidewalk. It fit in beautifully and looks like it has always been there.

Although the greenhouse is small in size, I was able to grow 4 dozen gernaiums from starts, several flats of annuals and 10 hanging baskets.

So…happiness is …a cup of coffee and a good book on a cold sunny spring day in Nana’s glasshouse. Thank you for building a product that is an asset to the neighborhood.

It went together well and we hope to have many years of good service from it. Thanks.

We sure do love it and enjoy watching people come by to admire our little treasure.

And this from a customer that moved her greenhouse all the way across country!

I guess you could say that I really love this greenhouse that I’m willing to go to all this time and trouble. I would miss it so much. My scented geraniums and dwarf fuchsias have bloomed all winter in there. It’s such a treat to sit in there, listen to music, brew a pot of tea and read a book on a winter’s day. Thanks for constructing such a quality product.