Tudor Greenhouse

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  • Sturdi-Built Tudor Greenhouse
  • Sturdi-Built Greenhouse

The Tudor greenhouse features a gothic design, a steep roof pitch, and a variety of decorative touches that allow you to customize the final appearance. Enjoy plentiful overhead plant hanging space that consequently makes gothic-style greenhouses a terrific design for orchid growing. With a gothic greenhouse, you’ll be able to choose between wood, stone, or bricks to create a base wall that will complement our signature redwood materials. Other notable design aspects include arches and tunnels that provide unique visual elements to your home.

This beautiful addition to your garden and home is available in a variety of widths and lengths, as lean-to, attached, or freestanding. We want you to be able to customize and design your Tudor greenhouse to best fit your property. Get in touch with us today to start planning your new greenhouse!

Widths Offered: 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′

Order by calling 800-334-4115 or 503-244-4100

With a 12/12 roof pitch, the Tudor greenhouse is a great option for those who experience high snow loads.

Included with Tudor Greenhouses:

  • Designed to sit on a 32″ high base wall (knee wall)
  • Standard glass wall and roof glazing
  • Arches in door, over door and at the back wall
  • Arched gussets at every bay
  • 30” wide Tudor Door for 8’ wide greenhouse; 35” wide Tudor Door for 10’, 12’ and 14’ widths
  • Select your door swing – doors can swing in or out, and hinges can be on the left or right; hinged left to swing in is the most popular customer choice
  • Roof vents with automated roof vent openers for natural and gentle airflow; number of vents is dependent on width and length of greenhouse
  • Roof support for 8’ wide includes rafter ties; widths 10’ and wider include beautiful redwood beams
  • Wall height is 4′-10 1/2″ high at the eave (where side wall meets the roof); see our Greenhouse Price List for height at the ridge
  • Steep 12/12 roof pitch makes it ideal for heavy snow areas
  • See our Standard Greenhouse Features page for more information on features included with each greenhouse
  • Sturdi-Built Trillium Greenhouse
  • Deluxe Regular Greenhouse
  • Greenhouse Finial

Options to Customize:

Standard Sturdi-Built Features:

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