Greenhouse Base Walls

All our greenhouses require a base wall of some type.

  • Buy one of our or build your own (we are happy to provide dimensions for your base wall and work with you to make it fit our frame)
  • A Sturdi-Built Greenhouse base wall is made with redwood framing and a cedar plywood exterior, complete with screened vents for natural air flow
  • Three standard heights depending on greenhouse style—9½, 18 and 32 inch
  • Custom height base walls are possible too
  • The greenhouses and base wall are priced separately so the greenhouse can be put on a different base wall material

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Solite Lean-to

9.5″ Sturdi-Built Base Wall painted white

Beautiful Redwood Greenhouses for 65 Years

18″ Sturdi-Built Base Wall

32 inch Greenhouse Base Wall

32″ Sturdi-Built Base Wall