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  • Sturdi-Built Nantucket Greenhouse
  • Sturdi-Built Nantucket Greenhouse

The Nantucket features double 30” Tudor doors on the front side wall, decorative roof features, an asymmetrical roof design, and exterior eave overhangs. High glass walls in front and lower glass walls in back with an 18″ high base wall create our roomiest greenhouse at the eaves. Perfect for tall plants or for use as a sitting area, office or garden room.

Widths Offered: 8′, 10′, 12′

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Nantucket Greenhouse

A beautiful double door with arched glass and decorative handles make the Nantucket a focal point of your garden.

Included with Nantucket Greenhouses:

  • Designed to sit on an 18″ high base wall (knee wall)
  • Standard glass wall and roof glazing
  • Double 30” wide Tudor doors, providing a 5’ wide opening; select your door swing – doors can swing in or out (doors on 12′ models can only swing in due to clearance being limited above the door; this can be solved by using a taller 24″ high base wall)
  • Roof vents with automated roof vent openers for natural and gentle airflow; number of vents is dependent on width and length of greenhouse
  • Decorative ridge scallop and finials, eave overhangs, arched gussets, and arches in both gable ends
  • Two Jalousie windows are included
  • Roof is supported with a beautiful redwood beam in the back roof section for 8’ and 10’ wide greenhouses, and a 12’ wide greenhouse adds beam in the back and front roof sections
  • All widths are 7′-5″ high at the front eave (where side wall meets the roof); see our Greenhouse Price List for heights at the ridge
  • 6/12 roof pitch
  • See our Standard Greenhouse Features page for more information on features included with each greenhouse
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Options to Customize:

Standard Sturdi-Built Features:

Take a video tour of our Nantucket greenhouse: