Deluxe Regular Lean-to

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  • Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Deluxe Lean-to
  • Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Deluxe Lean-to

The Deluxe Regular Lean-to is designed to be the lowest priced, highest quality lean-to we can offer. Galvanized pipe beams with braces attaching to your wall provide a strong and supportive structure suitable for all climates and uses.

Widths Offered: 6′, 8′

Order by calling 800-334-4115 or 503-244-4100

Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Deluxe Lean-to

The Deluxe Regular Lean-to is a great option for those looking for the most cost-effective Sturdi-Built greenhouse lean-to design.

Included with Deluxe Regular Lean-to Greenhouses:

  • Designed to sit on a 32″ high base wall (knee wall)

  • Standard glass wall and roof glazing
  • Roof vents with automated roof vent openers for natural and gentle airflow; number of vents is dependent on width and length of greenhouse
  • Height at ridge is 8′-1″ for 6’ wide model, 8′-9″ for 8’ wide model
  • Wall height is 5′-10″ high at the eave (where side wall meets the roof)
  • 30” wide Standard Door; door can be in the left or right end wall of the greenhouse
  • Select your door swing – doors can swing in or out, and hinges can be on the left or right; save interior space with an outswing door
  • Uses strong galvanized pipe beam with braces for roof support
  • 4/12 roof pitch
  • See our Standard Greenhouse Features page for more information on features included with each greenhouse

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  • Deluxe Regular Greenhouse

Options to Customize:

Standard Sturdi-Built Features: