Custom-Made Greenhouse Doors

Each greenhouse includes an individually made redwood door. See below for more information on the style door that is standard to each model.

  • Our Standard greenhouse door includes tempered glass in the top half and Tongue & Groove Redwood in the lower half. This is the style of door used on Deluxe, Garden Sunroom, and Tropic model greenhouses.
  • Garden Deluxe and Tudor model greenhouses use our arched all glass Tudor door.
  • The Nantucket greenhouse has double Tudor doors.
  • Our Trillium, Solite, and Deluxe Glass-to-Ground models use our Full Lite Door.
  • Door widths are 24, 30, 35 & 36″, depending on greenhouse width and greenhouse style.
  • Doors can be hinged on the right or left, and swing in or out; we recommend the greenhouse door swing in to avoid being caught by a wind gust, causing damage.
  • Styles of doors can be mixed and matched at an additional cost.
  • Our Standard Door can be converted to a Dutch Door at an additional cost.
  • A Jalousie Window can be added to any door that comes with the greenhouse. Additional costs apply.
  • Doors can be built in both the front and back ends of the greenhouse for an additional cost.

Door Styles

Greenhouse Door

Standard Door

Full Lite Door

Tudor Door

Dutch Door

Greenhouse Door Jalousie Window

Jalousie Window in Door

Double Tudor Greenhouse Doors

Double Tudor Doors

Double Standard Greenhouse Doors

Double Standard Doors

Full Lite Greenhouse Doors

Double Full Lite Doors