Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing Warranty & Return Goods Policy

Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing Warranty & Return Goods Policy

Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing Company (Sturdi-Built) guarantees that our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty on accessories and products not manufactured by Sturdi-Built is limited to that of the original manufacturer. Sturdi-Built assumes no responsibility for the installation or damage of non-Sturdi-Built products.

Customer Notification Requirement: To qualify for a claim related to shipping, customers must notify their delivery driver and Sturdi-Built of any visible damage within 3 days. Customers must inspect and report any other damage including concealed damage.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

1. Inspection Period: Customers have a 14-calendar day inspection period. The inspection period starts depending on whether the greenhouse kit was delivered, shipped, or picked up.

a. Delivered to customer by Sturdi-Built – The inspection period begins the day the greenhouse kit is delivered to the customer.

b. Picked up by customer or any other person for and behalf of the customer – The inspection period begins the day the greenhouse kit was picked up at Sturdi-Built.

c. Shipped using common carrier or any Door-to-Door service – The inspection period begins the day the greenhouse kit is delivered to the customer’s ship-to location.

2. Notification Process: If you discover any damage or issues during the 14-calendar day inspection period, please follow these steps to report them:

a. Contact Sturdi-Built by phone at 503-244-4100 or by email at [email protected]

b. Provide your job number, photos, detailed description of the issue or damage, and any other relevant photographs to support your claim. Job numbers are found on the footer and cover of your installation manual and on your Glass Chart.

3. Resolution Process: Sturdi-Built will initiate a prompt investigation of your claim and may request additional information or photographs to assess the issue.

4. Exclusions:

a. Neglect, misuse, or improper installation.

b. Unauthorized modifications or alterations to the greenhouse kit.

c. Acts of nature, including but not limited to storms, floods, or other natural disasters.

d. Improper storage of the greenhouse kit prior to assembly. Storing your greenhouse kit for any period without sealing the wood may result in bowing, cracking, warping, buckling, twisting, color fading, or fungal decay. Improper storage includes but is not limited to exposure to extreme weather conditions, water damage, or neglect. To ensure the long-term quality and structural integrity of your greenhouse, we strongly encourage customers to seal their greenhouse with a high-quality oil-based stain or paint within two weeks of delivery, especially if they plan to store it for any period prior to installation.

e. Damage resulting from the absence of proper application of paint or stain.

f. Use of a non-recommended brand or type of stain.

5. Resolution Options: Depending on the nature of the issue or damage, Sturdi-Built will offer one of the following resolutions:

a. Replacement: Sturdi-Built will provide a replacement for damaged or defective parts or products.

b. Repair: Sturdi-Built will offer a repair solution if the issue can be addressed without the need for a full replacement.

6. Customer Responsibilities: Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have adequately inspected their greenhouse kit or parts within the 14-calendar day inspection period. Timely reporting of any damage or issues is essential for a swift resolution.

7. Manufacturing Defects After 14 Calendar Days: Sturdi-Built is aware that some manufacturing defects may not manifest immediately. Therefore, we may extend our warranty to cover manufacturing defects discovered after the 14-calendar day inspection period. If a manufacturing defect is identified within a reasonable time frame, please follow the same notification process as outlined above, and we will assess the issue for possible replacement or repair.

8. Modification of Warranty: Sturdi-Built reserves the right to modify or amend this warranty at any time. Customers will be notified of any changes to the warranty terms.

By making a purchase from Sturdi-Built, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Warranty. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your trust in our products.

Customer Service Phone: 503-244-4100

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Please retain a copy of this warranty for your records.

Return Goods Policy

Greenhouse items returned for credit require prior approval and may be subject to a restocking charge. Accessory returns are subject to prior approval and a 15% restocking charge. Return freight is paid by the buyer unless otherwise approved by Sturdi-Built Greenhouse. For prior approval please call us at 800-334-4115.

Cancellation Policy

If an order is cancelled for any reason, Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing Co. reserves the right to retain a percentage of the total order depending on our progress made to complete your greenhouse order.

Effective Date of this Policy: October 25, 2023