As you cultivate your plants, you’ll eventually find yourself running out of space or having ambitions that outgrow your current setup. As your greenhouse grows and becomes more crowded, you’ll need to employ some creative ideas and layout designs to efficiently use the space. To show you what we mean, here are five tips for maximizing the growing space in your greenhouse.

Utilize Vertical Space

These days, plenty of vertical growing options are available that don’t detract from your planting surface area. Plant benches and shelves, hydroponic towers, planter walls, and hanging pots are just a few good examples of the options available to you. In a smaller greenhouse, you may have just as much, if not more, vertical space to work with as space on the ground.

Use Tiered Benches

Another tip for maximizing the growing space in your greenhouse is to use tiered plant benches and shelving. Adding tiered benches can be a great way to gain vertical growing space that often goes unused. If the walls are tall enough, shelves can be used added above benches for small potted plants and seed modules. Plant hanging bars attached horizontally to rafters to allow even more space to be used for hanging plants.

Reuse Old Containers

When the weather is warm and capable of sustaining plants, you can put plants into pots and move them outside to thrive outdoors. This will free up more space within the greenhouse for more seasonal plants. When the season begins to turn again, move the potted plants back into your greenhouse.

Keep Adjustments Minimal

Keep adjustments to the soil and hydration simple, as this allows for herbs like lavender, black pepper, and galangal to coexist in the same space. While these changes are simple, you must be attentive to ensure conditions remain consistent. If you manage this, you can grow plants that prefer dry environments and plants that prefer more moisture much closer to each other.

Choosing the Right Greenhouse

Lastly, if you are considering a freestanding greenhouse, choosing the largest greenhouse that fits within the space and budget is always the best approach as greenhouse growers are always wishing they had more space than they initially thought was necessary. Deluxe walk-in greenhouse kits are offered in a variety of widths and length to fit different gardening approaches. Our modular designs make constructing an greenhouse without compromising on quality simple.