Finding a spot to bask in sunlight, enjoy a view of the outdoors, and not be exposed to harmful UV rays around the house can be tricky. The best way to indulge in mood-boosting sunlight and enjoy the outdoors without being outside is with a solarium or a sunroom. Sunrooms and solariums provide homeowners a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living and bring nature closer to their homes. Have you wondered what the difference is between a sunroom and a solarium? Our blog dives into the differences so you can decide what’s right for you.


A sunroom is an enclosed home addition offering panoramic views of gardens and surrounding landscapes. They usually consist of walls, a roof, and windows that let in natural light. The purpose of a sunroom is to expand the indoor living space, provide insulation from the elements, and serve as a perfect space to relax or entertain guests. Sunrooms are also ideal for getting close to nature while still indoors and boast windows designed to let in as much light as possible.


A solarium, on the other hand, is an all-glass structure right off the home’s side. These structures let sunlight in at every angle using a transparent roof and may also feature full-length glass walls. They are perfect for growing plants and enjoying the outdoors from inside your home. Solariums are perfect spots to relax, unwind, or receive light therapy. Sturdi-Built’s Garden Sunroom is closer to a solarium than a true sunroom as it is mostly made of glass and features minimal framing, allowing as much natural light in as possible.

The Differences Between the Two

The difference between a sunroom and a solarium is the materials used to construct them. Sunrooms are made with wood or aluminum frames and include insulated windows that boost the home’s energy efficiency. Solariums are made of all-glass walls and a transparent roof with no insulation, which is ideal for homeowners who want an all-glass addition to their home. Solariums are also less secure than sunrooms, given the absence of walls, making them more susceptible to break-ins and elemental damage.

The other less-discussed difference is the maintenance. Solariums require more care and preservation because they’re entirely glass. Sunrooms require more or less the same upkeep as other rooms of your home.

The Uses

Sunrooms and solariums have their specific uses and advantages. Sunrooms are the most versatile since they can be used year-round as indoor living spaces, entertainment areas, or offices. Because of their insulated nature, they are suitable for cold climates. Solariums, however, are perfect for use as greenhouses.

Adding a home addition is exciting, especially when it’s one that can let in some much-needed sunlight. Sunrooms provide an indoor living space that protects the home’s interior from harsh elements throughout the year. Solariums offer the perfect environment to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors indoors. Regardless of which you select, both offer significant benefits and can increase the overall value of your home. As you search for the best choice for your home addition, Sturdi-Built has you covered with pre-made kits of greenhouse patio enclosures. Reconnect with nature, entertain guests, and enjoy the view of nature’s bountiful landscapes with a prefabricated sunroom kit to build to your specific needs.