A Gothic greenhouse is a perfect choice for homeowners because it doesn’t let in too much sunlight and withstands strong winds and heavy precipitation. The roof’s design allows rain and snow to slide right off, so the roof won’t collapse under the weight or impact of snow, rain, or hail. You might wonder about the best place to position your gothic greenhouse kit. We’ll explore some considerations in this blog post.

Consider How Much Light Your Yard Gets

Determine how much sunlight your yard gets each season. While you might see minimal sunlight in winter, it likely receives more in the summer. Observe how much sunlight each area of the yard receives to determine a sunny spot for your greenhouse. If the eastern corner gets the most sunlight, install the structure there.

Find an Area With Natural Shade

If your entire yard receives full sun, consider planting a tree or two to provide some shade. You can also find a naturally shady spot without making alterations to the landscape. Though the greenhouse should be in a sunny spot, it will need some shade when the weather starts heating up. It’s important to keep temperature-sensitive plants from overheating and drying out.

Avoid Placing Your Gothic Greenhouse on a Slope

The best place to put a Gothic greenhouse is in a flat area. If your land has a natural curve, your greenhouse could settle too quickly and potentially shift during heavy rainstorms. Ensure the ground is stable, flat, and away from areas susceptible to flooding.

Choose the Direction the Greenhouse Should Face

Base the direction of your Gothic greenhouse on your latitude. For example, if your greenhouse faces north, wind from that direction could blow into the structure and significantly reduce the internal temperature. Determine how the wind blows across your yard to maintain the temperature within your Gothic greenhouse.

Make Sure the Area Is Accessible

How will you get to and from your Gothic greenhouse if you have to parkour to the door? Don’t strain yourself by placing the greenhouse in a place that’s far away and hard to reach. Install your greenhouse in a place with walkable paths clear of debris and preferably free of fencing.

At Sturdi-Built Manufacturing, we want you to have easy access to our Gothic greenhouses for sale. We offer Gothic greenhouse kits made from redwood that are easy to set up. They’re beautiful, easy to build, and look great in every yard. Let’s build one together!