Sunrooms are a great addition to any home, as they allow natural light to flood the room and are a great place to relax. If you’ve been considering installing one for yourself, you’ll likely be faced with a choice— a sunroom kit or a custom-designed sunroom. To help you decide, here’s why you should choose a sunroom kit over a custom design.

Ease of Construction

A custom-designed sunroom will require professionals to build it for you. But solite lean-to kits are high-quality and designed to be quick and easy for homeowners to construct themselves. You won’t be starting from scratch with Sturdi-Built’s sunroom kits either, as individual pieces are prefabricated and designed to be modular so that you only need to follow basic steps. With how easy construction is, you’ll save a lot of time and stress without having to hire professionals.


The cost of labor and professional setup isn’t cheap. By opting for a sunroom kit, you won’t have to worry about all those extra costs. Our kits are great for those with a limited budget who want to improve the value of their home and add a bit of luxury to their everyday life. Get the most out of your investment by minimizing the upfront costs while enjoying the benefits and value a sunroom brings to your home.

Unique Materials

Our last reason why you should choose a sunroom kit over a custom design is that you still get a great deal of style and customization for your sunroom. You may think the biggest benefit of professional custom designs is that you can control the appearance of your sunroom. But consider that the professionals you hire may not have the specific materials you want. Sturdi-Built’s greenhouse kits are made from the redwoods of Northern California, a type of wood that would not be easy to get elsewhere. We offer truly unique greenhouses with unparalleled quality.