Our Ginger in the greenhouse is blooming.  The fragrance is incredible!  It got me to Ginger in greenhouse (2)thinking more about this good-looking plant, and how I am ALWAYS out of ginger when I need it for a recipe.   So I got to wondering what it would take to start my own crop.

Where do you find ginger root to plant?  One of the easiest ways is to buy ginger from your local grocery store!  If you can find organic, better yet.  But if not, it is suggested that you soak the ginger for several hours to wash off any residue.

Ginger likes, rich, loose soil, and moisture.  Potting soil works great for our pots in the greenhouse, and if you live in anything colder than USA zone 10, a pot is a good idea.  You can bring it indoors – ginger is not a happy camper in freezing or frosty temperatures. ginger needing to be repotted

Plant it shallow, keep it moist, and as the little fingers or nobs poke up through the soil, you can cut off pieces for your culinary or medicinal use.

Earlier this year, while touring a local winery, we saw ginger with a variegated leaf that was at least 7 feet tall.  It was a thick stand, and just beautiful.  We have a smaller plant in the greenhouse that is more than ready to be divided, harvested and replanted.

Ginger typically does not flower until it’s second year, but it is well worth the wait.  The ginger in our greenhouse is flowering outside our Garden Sunroom display greenhouse is herbarium in autumn
pristine white against the dark green leaves, and smells of intoxicating honeysuckle.  With the herbs we have growing in the sunroom, and the ginger outside, is just a wonderful place to spend time and indulge your senses.

What a treat, to take a few steps from the house, and have many of the herbs and spices I need without a trip to the store.   Ginger, garlic, and basil (all VERY easty to grow) are staples of Asian cooking.

Ginger also has many medicinal uses – it’s great for combating nausea and morning sickness, helps with sore muscles, and motion sickness.

Plant some ginger today! Why wouldn’t you?

Happy Gaautumn tea in the greenhouserdening!