Using a Greenhouse as a Home Office

Home offices, art studios and living spaces in a [...]

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Why You Should Consider a Greenhouse as a Yoga Studio

It’s important to create an environment that helps you relax [...]

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Beginner’s Guide for a Greenhouse

Beginner’s Guide for a Greenhouse Do you want to add [...]

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Greenhouse Gardening with Raised Beds

Raised bed gardens with a greenhouse nearby is an [...]

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Uses for Your Greenhouse Other Than Gardening

Explore different uses for a greenhouse with this guide. From creative projects to traditional gardening, break tradition and give your space multiple uses.

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Common Custom Build Greenhouse Maintenance Problems

Custom build greenhouse maintenance problems are caused by neglect. [...]

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Beat the Heat: Effective Strategies for Cooling and Ventilating Your Greenhouse

Maintaining optimal temperature and airflow in your greenhouse is crucial [...]

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Bird Collisions and Greenhouse Glass

When a bird collides with greenhouse glass it’s sad but [...]

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How To Choose the Right Sunroom for Your Home

A sunroom adds value to your property, creates a new [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Conservatories and Sunrooms?

Conservatories are for plants, and sunrooms are for sitting. This blog is the only one you need to read about the differences between greenhouses and sunrooms.

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