A greenhouse is a perfect addition to a home, and it has many other uses besides gardening. But maybe you are looking for space to create a garden—whichever it is; we’re sure you’ll find a way to make the space yours. Herein we explore various uses for your greenhouse other than gardening. Create the greenhouse that fits your vision.

1. Creative Studios

Want to create your own art studio? The natural light and peaceful atmosphere make it an ideal place to use your artistic talents. Paint, draw, sculpt, write, or sing songs surrounded by the beauty of your garden or even the warmth of a winter landscape. The connection with nature stimulates creativity and inspires the creative spirit every day.

2. Yoga and Meditation Space

A greenhouse is the perfect place for a mindful sanctuary. Practice yoga, meditation, or self-reflecting under the relaxing tree canopies on a comfy couch. With stunning views of nature, you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while you enjoy your mindfulness space. Bringing nature into your daily Zen routine benefits your mental and physical well-being.

3. Entertaining Space for Friends and Family

Having additional space to entertain friends and family could be a great way to use a greenhouse. Add arranged seating, a table, and you suddenly have a space where everyone can gather for an enjoyable evening. Whether planning an intimate meal or a casual get-together, using the greenhouse can make days and evenings with everyone fun and memorable. Dining tables need space, most customers select solutions 14 feet and wider.

4. Home Office

Working from home is your new norm. But you might lack a dedicated working space. Converting the greenhouse into a home office could be right for you. The natural lighting and connection to nature can help reduce stress and boost productivity, creating an incredible workspace with plenty of inspiration. Keep the Zen flowing as you surround yourself with nature or your favorite plants.

5. Kids’ Play Area

The greenhouse can be a fun getaway for the kids, too! Create a safe and fun space for your kids by turning your greenhouse into a play area. Fill it with toys, games, and comfortable seating. Giving the kids a greenhouse to play in offers them a special place where they can learn, create, and explore, surrounded by nature.

6. For Cats, Fish, Birds, and Pets

The greenhouses can be a sanctuary for pets, such as a Catio for cats, a crib for your tortoises, a spacious aviary for your parrots, and even a safe enclosure for prized Koi. To keep your environment inside proper for your pets, we can help with heating, cooling, venting, and ideas from other customers.

7. Strictly Gardening

If you are still interested in strictly gardening—we get it!—take some time to research what type of garden oasis you’d want. Exploring the different plant types you’d like to grow before you start helps you understand certain factors such as sunlight, temperature, and humidity requirements. This will help you maximize your gardening venture and avoid disappointment.

No matter what you choose to do with your greenhouse, you have complete control over what you want to do with the space! Whether you want a dedicated spot for an at-home wellness retreat or want to combine all of these ideas, go for it! You never know what can come of the space unless you try. Before you go, don’t forget to consult Sturdi-Built, a reputable greenhouse manufacturer who believes there are multiple uses for a greenhouse besides gardening. Let’s design yours, starting with our Redwood greenhouse kits.