Having a backyard greenhouse built is one of the best additions anyone with a green thumb could make. However, before you make your next foray into home gardening, you need to consider what kind of greenhouse you’ll have built. Here’s what to look for when choosing a redwood greenhouse.

Construction Quality

While redwood is a high-quality material, many greenhouses require some DIY construction. Make the building process as easy on yourself as possible by purchasing a prefab greenhouse if you’re not familiar with carpentry and there aren’t any manufacturers in your area. Sturdi-Built creates prefabricated kits that help simplify your greenhouse construction, reducing the risk of poor construction. Because the pieces of your greenhouse are prefabricated, the construction is modular and connects easily.

Climate Control

When choosing a redwood greenhouse, you’ll want to look for integrated climate control. Proper climate control is crucial to ensure you can grow a wide selection of plants any time of year. Consider features such as cooling vents, fans, heaters, and humidity controls to ensure you have the perfect conditions for growing. Also, take into consideration the climate you live in—such as the length of each season. Knowing the seasonal temperatures and weather conditions outside of your greenhouse will help you better understand what your plants need inside the greenhouse.

Installing Utilities

Water and electricity are important, so consider how you’ll provide them in your greenhouse. For instance, lean-to-style greenhouses are attached directly to your home, so it may be easier to simply use an outside receptacle for power and a hose to allow you to extend your home’s utilities to the greenhouse. Free-standing greenhouses, however, will need their own sources of power and water but can offer you more space to grow plants.

Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing specializes in practical and aesthetically pleasing redwood greenhouses, thanks to the high-quality wood we use. Contact us to learn more about our greenhouse kits, and order yours today!