What room should you build: a conservatory or a sunroom?

The above question is more commonly asked than you think. Many people assume that a conservatory and a sunroom are the same, but a conservatory falls under the umbrella of sunroom types. We’ll further explain the differences between conservatories and sunrooms.

The Basic Difference

A sunroom is a large room with many windows, while a conservatory has a polycarbonate or glass roof. The glass roof in a conservatory lets in heat and sunlight. This basic difference only scratches the surface of conservatories and sunrooms; read below to learn the other distinctions between sunrooms and conservatories.

Sunlight in Conservatories and Sunrooms

Both room styles allow sunlight to come through, but conservatories let in more light. Sunlight in greenhouses comes from their glass roof. The glass panels allow sunlight but limit heat. Plants thrive in both of these rooms because the light comes in from multiple sides.

The Purpose of a Sunroom and Conservatory

The biggest difference between a sunroom and a conservatory is its purpose. A conservatory is dedicated to horticulture, meaning gardeners can create a flexible space to plant their favorite flowers and herbs. A sunroom is simply an extension of the home, and it’s usually used for relaxing or entertaining.

Which Is Better Between a Conservatory and a Sunroom?

A gardener looking for more versatility in their space might want a lean-to greenhouse sunroom for planting and entertaining guests. A normal sunroom is ideal for people who don’t have plants; it all depends on their needs.

Knowing your needs is essential before choosing a greenhouse or sunroom for your home. Gardeners and homeowners looking to develop their passion for horticulture and want a flexible space should consider Sturdi-Built. Our greenhouse sunroom kits are made with natural redwood. Rumor has it that redwood doesn’t rot—and it’s true! Build the greenhouse of your dreams with us.