Just read the news or look at your weather forecast – it’s getting more challenging to grow vegetables or to protect sensitive plants due to weird weather. Inside your home, you have plant starts ‘sheltering in place’. Outside, local forest animals or insects are feasting on your garden. How can we continue to grow plants to feed our families with these challenges? One solution is a greenhouse.

A greenhouse provides space and an environment that you can control, eliminating the challenges that come along with unpredictable weather patterns. What’s controllable? Lighting, temperature, humidity, watering, soil and air movement. A greenhouse can be an extension of your living space or a new building on your property.

Sturdi-Built Greenhouse has been providing greenhouse solutions for over 60 years for homeowners, community gardens and schools. The solutions range from modest sizes to very large and from single purpose (growing, dining) to multi-purpose. We help you to create a space that resists the Global Weirding at your home.

What’s Possible?

  • Protecting sensitive plants like a Meyer lemon during the cold season.
  • Having a ‘place to be’ for some peace, a cup of tea, or to enjoy a book.
  • Eating from a year-around salsa or vegetables garden.
  • Better place for orchids and succulents.
  • Easy access from my home when the greenhouse is attached.
  • Sharing my love of gardening with others.
  • Starting my spring and fall crops.
  • Hot Tubbing no matter the weather outside.
  • Lowering my food costs by growing my own.
  • Growing fresh herbs.

The possibilities are endless! Each of our customers has a unique way that they use their space. How would you use your custom greenhouse?

Getting Started

Select the location in your yard for your greenhouse, determine the size and select the model. Sturdi-Built Greenhouse helps you plan for and outfit your greenhouse. A good southern facing is best. Having the greenhouse closer to your kitchen helps when you need to snip an herb. 

We make beautiful, high-quality, and heavy-duty greenhouse kits in our factory in Portland, Oregon, using the highest-quality redwood available – Clear All-Heart Redwood – and double-strength glass. It’s thanks to these excellent materials that our luxury greenhouses are naturally durable and beautiful.

A wide variety of sizes and styles are available for you to choose from. Whether you prefer redwood greenhouses that are lean-to, freestanding, or attached, large or small, you’ll be able to customize your kit to fit your situation and preferences. 

We have customer photos at sturdi-built.com and descriptions of the available solutions.  Simply email us at [email protected] or call 800-334-4115.